The following paragraphs showcase just a few project samples.  In addition to nearly 26 years of experience in audio, video, film and multimedia, the C&C authoring team brings to the table a wealth of programing abilities limited only by the imagination & requirements of the client.

This DVD was created for IKEA stores use in their Cook Shop department as a looped presentation with seasonal content. The video showcases many products offered in the department and contains many tips and tricks considered quite valuable by viewers. The disc menu for management use only, was created to simplify its use by selecting the seasonal icon of choice for continuous loop play for as long as required with no intervention. When the end of the selected season video is reached the player instantly jumps back to the beginning of the same season and repeats the same content all day long. As a value added sales aid, blind chapters were included allowing the department manager to instantly locate any product or tip using the DVD player remote control. The durable nature of the DVD disc prevents the wear factor associated with VHS video tape and eliminates the rewind time. And needless to say, the picture quality remains pristine throughout the life cycle of the disc.

Interface graphics creation compositing and integration, video & audio encoding & compression, DVD authoring pre-mastering and duplication provided by C&C Studios.


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