The American Geriatrics Society held a recent meeting in Nashville, Tennessee entitled “Balancing Therapeutic Options in Osteoarthritis Management”. A Continuing Medical Education CD-ROM was produced to help further educate orthopaedic surgeons and related medical professionals. The goal is to help practitioners better assess chronic pain, select appropriate pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic strategies, and explore new therapies and techniques in the management of OA.

The disc includes video segments of lectures presented by the guest medical professionals, along with their supporting slide content, addressing osteoarthritis (OA) and pain management in case study patients. The disc interface includes two-thirds screen sized graphics of the slides flanked by the inset video clip of the speaking professional running in sync with the changing slides. The illusion is very much like being in attendance of the meeting with the advantage of watching each presenter as time permits. When all presenter content is viewed the user is then given access to an on disc/on screen CME test which when completed can be printed and mailed or faxed for CME credits. Two digital video segments detailing a typical knee joint condition and application technique of an example drug therapy were included to further reinforce the informative content. A unique disc function allows the user to click on keyword hot links that connect to their spoken location in the speakers video clips/slide presentation that is useful as a form of interactive reference along with a web link to downloadable slides as utilized in the presentations during the symposium.

Interface graphics compositing and integration, video & audio encoding & compression, CD-ROM authoring and pre-mastering provided by C&C Studios.

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